Viacheslav Kabanov
|Fine Art|
First of all, I'm interested in the photography itself. Certainly, its emergence in the 19th century largely predetermined the development of communication capabilities of mankind, what in its turn affected all spheres of society. For today, photography has overcome the path of almost 2 century and continues to develop actively, improving its language, expanding the set of tools. Its technical capabilities are amazing, they are virtually limitless; it exists in the analog and digital world. But photography as a phenomenon is still poorly studied. It has not yet passed the delight from the first image production; humanity is experiencing it again and again. This distracts from a deeper study of photography, its possibilities of dissecting reality, interpretation, from the ability to push the boundaries and compress space.
Working on specific projects, focusing on a specific topic, I never stop looking for new opportunities that photography can offer me, never stop at a once understood and accessible solution. I try to find a new solution for each new topic, a new interpretation that allows me to go beyond the already known moves. Search, luck, failure, analysis - this is the work that is the most interesting and important for me today, I hope that not only for me…