Viacheslav Kabanov
|Fine Art|
I was born in 1981 in a typical five-storey building of a typical Moscow courtyard. My childhood was typical childhood of a typical child in the USSR. Studying at school I attended various circles and sections, however, any preferences to something special were not founded, so after finishing school I followed my nose and entered Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (MIEM), the faculty of automatics and computer engineering.
I graduated from the Institute in 2004 and had been working in the profession for several years. Then I was drawn to the color and had liaised in the space troops MCC "Molniya-1T" for two years. It was the proximity to the elements of the cosmos or objection to boring and monotonous activities or all these facts together plus a vivid imagination and a rich inner world that played a role and made an active officer change the way of his life and take to photography ardently and passionately. Since 2007 I had worked as a photographer with various printing editions ("Job today", "Buhstyle", "Chemistry and business" and others). The same year I entered the Moscow State University of Culture and Arts (MGUKI), the Studio of Yuri Babich. Here a new phase in relations with photo began. Commercial projects took a back seat and all creative energy was concentrated on art photography. I created the first series of works while studying at the University. Also I participated in several solo and group exhibitions, as well as in the portfolio reviews in Bratislava and Moscow. Today I teach photography at a University of Humanities in Moscow, study the history of photography, trends of past and present. I learn different print methods: analog, digital; develop and polish up skills in creating new projects.
Modern photography for me is much more than just a good fixation of a fact; it is a difficult intellectual product which combines visual images, complex compilation of pictures with the environment, verbal constructions. A modern photographer should combine a screenwriter, a cinematographer and a director; this trinity is determined by the time and the development of visual culture in general. This combination guarantees the quality of the product manufactured by the author. I believe that in our time it is not enough to be just an observer with the camera fixing the decisive moment in the chain of continuous existence, there comes a time when the author should create such moments, to manipulate reality using it to solve his problems.