Viacheslav Kabanov
|Fine Art|
The Dictator
When I conceived this project, I wanted to reflect on the theme of Dictatorship and Dictator as a human personality, to create something dark and monumental....but but but, as it often happens, when you have been working on the project for a long time, the material takes on life, flexibility, independence, begins to live its own life. In the end, the series lost a monumental pathos and found irony, black humor packed in a nice erotic package. But it saved the basic meaning of the message.      I did not choose this topic by chance: the changes that occur in the world, people in power and their actions evoke my anxiety, this project is an attempt to understand what bothers me so much.
A man and absolute power - what a perverted form of love!? It is similar with love in adolescence, when the voice of reason is drowned out with screaming hormones. To let the nature of feelings go, to appeal to primordial instincts, to follow only them.