Vyacheslav Kabanov. Metaphor and the project

Slava’s works have one peculiarity encountered among photographers not so often: the spaces he creates are connected more with his thoughts, conclusions; they are the result of his observations, and not the process of studying the object. And that is why theater organically presents in his creative laboratory. People and things play in this theatre. He creates metaphors one by one, then formally combining them into a series or a project. In the series “box” we see still lifes replacing each other. It’s a set of phobias, a set of thought forms. The scenography of the artist and the disputes of the illuminator and the light artist are completed by the fine work of the photographer – focus-non-focus, and the printer, using the possibilities of paper and film. With all the emotionality of the final print we can observe an extraordinary organization and rational sequence of the author. Everything is verified, all stages of work are subordinated to his concept, his idea. And this feature is visible even in the works where an object or light can’t be controlled; they can be just “properly shoot”. I’m talking about the landscapes of Lake Baikal. Consciously or not, but Vyacheslav created the image of the unique purity of the lake without shooting the cracks in the ice or the extraordinary transparency of the water. In his landscapes of Lake Baikal its purity is expressed by the rigor of forms and the subordination to different coloristic states.

And if on some photos from this series we see inclusions they are perceived as “garbage”. And again, this is about the pollution, but not directly, without dumping cans and bottles in the frame.  And this series of color works is completely different from the series “box”. Vyacheslav Kabanov works subordinating all visual possibilities to his idea. And here his directing is, of course, project-based. The author for me in this sense is a modern artist, contemporary artist.         

                  Curator Oleg Arnautov

The White sea

Do you like silence? As for me, I like it very much! As a resident of a large metropolis I regularly feel the need for silence, for natural sounds created by nature. The sound of water, wind, birds calling, leaves rustling. A few days on the White sea allowed me to enjoy it. And inspiring views of the surrounding nature sharpened and strengthened the perception. I suggest you to join me and, at least virtually, to find yourselves on The white sea coast.

Notes from the trip

I have returned from my trip to the White sea. And of course I have got a lot of photos from my travel. It was a trip by car, I have driven about 3300 km. I hope you understand that my photos aren’t typical travel photos. I’m not interested in a smooth surface of reality, I am interested in inner content with its imperfections and drama.

New works for the series “Rehearsal of Apocalypse”

I go on working on series “Rehearsal of Apocalypse” and the deep I throw myself into the theme the better I understand that humanity is close to the line of disappearing.

New works for the series “Rehearsal of the apocalypse”

I go on working on the series “Rehearsal of the apocalypse”. In the process of the work some thoughts come to my head. I think humanity is not ready to apocalypse. We depend so much on benefits of civilization and our rhythm of life. If we lose them it will cause crisis in our minds and create psychological breakdown. And it will be more destructive for the society.

Rehearsal of the Apocalypse

The new project has started to take shape. It is interesting how the collapse of the world scale transforms reality, how people change under the influence of circumstances, how quickly nostalgia and itching for the lost come on. And there was a feeling that a certain line was passed, and what was before the line, suddenly became the past, which can not be returned. A whole tangle of new sensations, doubts and torments.

In the shadow of Freud

 I have been courting this topic from different angles for a very long time, not daring to take it up. First of all, this is due to the development of visual images, there is always a danger in the disclosure of such topics to fall into the vulgarity or canvas of traditionally hackneyed erotic photography. I must immediately indicate one point: all the themes that I implement in photography are deeply personal and related to my inner experiences. The title of this topic does not reflect the essence of what is happening within the series, it is rather marketing, because Freud and his method of psychoanalysis are quite popular and cause interest. To hype on old man Sigmund J Human desire, a deep desire for the sake of stability of the individual and society as a whole, under the pressure of morality and ethics is kept in check. In my work my main goal is to examine this phenomenon, to get very close to it. Work on the project is in full swing, and I don’t know where it will lead me in the end.