This project is a kind of research aimed at the study and awareness of photography. What is photography? – Memory? A mean of expressing your point of view? A tool to dissect reality? Another language for an artist? I would say that photography is a multifunctional tool that opens up great opportunities to study and understand reality, our world and ourselves. In the beginning, when the photo was still very young, it was blamed in hyperrealism and mechanicalness, it was considered as a cold machine, impartially fixing reality, striking out the man from this equation. But already the pioneers of photography called into question these statements. Photography became a faithful companion of mankind from birth to death, and the man returned to the equation.
Every time I am engaged in photography, I keep asking myself what is reality? How inviolable is it, and can it be interpreted unambiguously? What is time and how is reality consistent with it? Every time I take a picture, I capture a fragment of space in a unit of time, but even before I press the camera button, the picture is formed in my head. For me, photography is a way of thinking, an awareness of reality. Sometimes I see a frame, but I do not press the camera button, the frame is already formed in the mind, the work is done, and the physical confirmation of that (i.e. the picture taken with the camera) is not necessary, or I don’t want to share with anybody else what I have seen. 
Just imagine we are moving around the planet, and everything is moving around us: the planet is rotating around its axis and around the sun, our solar system is also in motion. But I push the button and everything stops and I can see what I can’t see in the world that is in constant motion. This is similar with the research, which was conducted by people immediately after photography had been invented. When, in order to understand how a person, an animal or a celestial body moves, it was necessary to fix each of their smallest movements first. But today this process is much more complicated, more subtle…

In work
Thermal inkjet printing
Print size 40×60 cm