Viacheslav Kabanov
|Fine Art|
The Eyes Of God  (in work)
The essence of the project is simple - trying to look at the world through the eyes of God. It's impossible, but it's worth a try, at least in order to understand the mechanism of searching for the truth. The human’s perspective is narrow, we can hold a very small number of things in sight and are not able to look into the future or the past. This narrow view prevents us to see all of God's creation as a whole, and simultaneously to see the future and the present; all the objects and their interactions. Just having seen God's creation as a whole, it will be possible to understand his plan and to know the meaning hidden from our sight. In the project I combine different photos taken at different times and in different places and on different cameras. They are like items of a bigger picture, which being properly combined will give you the ability to see or, at least, to imagine how it will look in perspective.