Viacheslav Kabanov
|Fine Art|
My students

It's funny, but in Russia the older generation always looks at the young one with a certain degree of skepticism. It always finds something to accuse, blame or pressure. What is it? Fear that their time has passed? Pathos? Or the desire to dictate their will? Or is it a social game when the older generation suppresses the younger? Or all together? Why has the question of fathers and children still not resolved?
With this series of works, first of all, I want to draw attention of the older generation to young people, for whom the future is. To show that each of them is a person, with their inner world, their beliefs. It is very important to learn how to build a bridge between generations, to learn mutual respect and deeper understanding. They have much to learn, and they are more attuned to the present time than the older generation with all their life experience.