The intention of the project is not an attempt to formally impart the spirit of age, the mood of times or ideological message, it’s more about to show the whole dramaturgy of complicated relationship of heroes adding them light ironic tint. All relationships are built on sharp, resonant, contrasting dialogue. It’s a distinctive dialogue between the controversial past and abstract present. It’s a view of thirties generation representatives on not so distant events of history that, as we know, could repeat
Bolshevik and pineapple
In winter on Nevski  Prospect at night
The warder stood keeping his guard
Though his height was not rather big
Everyone called him Bolshevik
The frost was extremely savage
Neva River was covered with ice
The lantern tossed in the wind
A blizzard buzzed the engine

And suddenly our guard hears
Someone’s steps beside near
-Who’s walking here at this time?
And here a Pineapple comes.

-Now tell me what you are doing here!
-I’ve lost my way in freeze.
-And what is your name?
-Сounterrevolutionary! means that you’re against us?!
-No no! I’m not an enemy. How could you?
The pineapple asked carefully.
- I’m not a counter but a fruit.
We’re served with shampagne. Or used in compote .
-You are forbidden for us!
It seems that you hurried to bourgeois.
But ran against me A НА НА.

We don’need neither glamour nor glitter!
And ready at hand the bar forced into
Right into the pineapple’s hip
And juice jetted from it.

The snow was still falling down.
And our guard thought out.
-Should I leave the good uselessly.
I’ll better eat it sneakily.  
(A joint project of Vyacheslav Kabanov and Maxim Klimov. Material for a project of the same name was the song of Maxim Klimov)